Utah's Referendum on the 2019 Tax Reform

Last December the Utah State Legislature passed a tax reform bill to solve an issue with sales tax revenues not keeping pace with income tax revenue in the …


  1. How can we have so much new tax revenue (people coming in to the state) and still not have enough? Reduce the size of government. Less government = more freedom.

  2. I think its clear it was not an emergency. I think it's also questionable that the legislature have made an irrefutable argument that people and growth are outpacing taxes. Definitely we want to see them tighten their belts first. Our concern is that we dont balance the budget on the backs of the little guys.

  3. I'm getting pretty damn sick of these tax-happy politicians ignoring their constituents, and passing laws quickly and secretly in special sessions to get what they want rather than what the PEOPLE want!
    They did the same thing when they signed our San Rafael Swell away into wilderness. They do some 6:00AM meeting in a room that holds 50 people just so they can say they went through the motion of a democratic process, but in reality, they were just going to do what they wanted anyway. This tax law was just another instance of our politicians ignoring us and trying to slip one by us. We already pay more gas tax in this state than all of our neighbouring states, and sales tax on food is just plain wrong, Gary Herbert!NO MORE! Retribution will be forthcoming, rest assured! Don't get too comfortable in those offices because you're not going to be staying long.

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