Vanilla cookies cbd hemp flower from Five Leaf Wellness

This is my review of The Strain vanilla cookies, from Five Leaf Wellness. Nothing is for sale here. I do not sell these products I only review them. If you are under …


  1. I was looking at buying this strain moments before watching this video! I haven’t tried anything from this site but I’m gona go straight to the indoor flower.
    Have you reviewed anything from “fields of hemp”? I absolutely love that company. Their buds are always huge and they ALWAYS have 20% off sales. I highly recommend them.

  2. Tazz I’m about to switch from plane Jane to five leaf wellness do u have a promo code for me ?…just ordered the bubba Kush and vanilla cookies but there a little pricey over there cuzz

  3. FLW is overpriced they need to come down a bit. maybe than I will but it until that tweedle farms,black tie, Fields of hemp and sunset lakes are some of the best one and great prices.

  4. Just started smoking CBD hemp flower a few days ago and I've been missing out, big time lol. First strains I bought was Lifter, Suver Haze and Sour Space Candy. I love me some cookies, so I'm definitely gunna have to try this vanilla cookies strain.

  5. When it’s grown outdoors their is no way the hemp farms can block the pollen coming from other farms. When it’s grown indoors they can start with female clones or seeds that are feminized. Once in a while males will pop out but they get that’s the reason why their no seeds with the indoor crops.. ??

  6. Who's that one dislike?? Who.
    ?? I want to know
    Because whoever you are, you need a blunt of your own and to chill and keep the good vibes going. Just a suggestion lol that's all
    This stuff looks delicious!! I definitely want to get my hands on that, I get paid Thursday and I just bought a zip but I might need another

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