1. The power needs to go out. People need to chill the fuck out. There's nothing wrong except the bad ideas and horrible scenarios we run in our minds. People just trying to hang through a hurricane or LIFE…would find there's just not that much to be pissed about. Happy New Year, DGC, Dude, Scotty, Guru

  2. Reason why I don't use Facebook is bc I don't want to be Manipulated by robots plus everybody always acts like their something special having a following but has no friends in real life. Edward Snowden's leak was the cia recording everything in case they need against you. Fuck social media it's not reality

  3. The bug dispenser that left his food at the Chick-fil-A at him I didn't think it sounded like a stoner stereo type at all I thought he was so busy on the phone so much that he forgot about his food he's had more pressing issues

  4. Dude, get rid of the google app. Switch to duck duck go. Also switch your internet browser to duck duck go searches as well when you type in the web box. Use YouTube without signing in if possible. Scotty it’s not fair to say you don’t talk politics while in the same breath using the phrases “big pharma”
    All the these things are politics dog.

  5. See… You guys are using Facebook all wrong. Facebook is like my garbage dump for information. Anything that I find funny, interesting, or advocacy related. I dump it on my Facebook, and then check it once a few days later to see who was triggered. Then spend 10 minutes debunking outrage in the comments or laughing at the idiots.

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