Wake & Bake America 980: Foxtailing, Nick Sands, Cannabis And Business, & Pot Schools

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  1. Is scotty really "breaking the stoner stereotype " by taking 100 + mg thc all the time and making guru repeat everything he ever says a couple shows later ……

  2. Anybody interested in Nick Sands should search out Alexander Shuglin. He is a very interesting chap responsible for the books TIKAL and PIKAL (triptamines and phenylethamines ive known and loved). Years of research with his wife; himself and friends all public knowledge available to the curious.

  3. Looking more and more like the news channels guys! That banner telling me nestle is evil! Keep it simple…more grow talk! Dgc love guys
    P.s bring back the memes and parody’s mid show!

  4. My 72 yo grandma with Parkinson's refused for years to give cbd a try for years.
    But I took her to an old time Amish store that sells their own CBD products here in TN, in talking to the nice folks there she made a connection and opened her mind to trying that alternative medicine. I couldn't be happier for her, her tremors have been much better the past couple years and now I catch her preaching CBD's benefits to her friends, of course she refers to it as her "Amish hemp oil" lol
    DGC ✊

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