1. We are supposed to have respect for the court but the court are corrupt and criminals running them the system has failed the people of this country the government the schools and churches and the justice system are all corrupt

  2. i love how the reporters dont understand at all what this kid is doing. The reporters are so fucking stupid the point we deserve better him smoking that joint didn't do anything to anyone else just isn't a fucking piece of shit FUCK THE RULES OF COURT its down to some piece of shit in a robe with too much power to give his OPINION in how somes life is ruined for little to nothing

  3. White privilege where that felony for bringing contraband to gov facility I got book when I was fifteen for some loose shit in my pocket an got felony shit changed my life went to juve program an had to do at least a year before I could be reviewed for release shit crazy people do real time for same shit

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