1. smoked 1,5 year straight at the start my toughts on weed was good its ok not bad now I now better my life got worse because of weed its like the devil wants to break you not funny at all iam now 2 monts away from that shit and slowly starts to get in the right direcetion semen retention is best thing you can do keep this content up brother

  2. I would like the add that despite of the claims that it reduces inflammation, ironically it produces more inflammation than how much it reduces. It increases estrogen and prolactin. As a response, androgen receptors are reduced causing testosterone levels to also reduce. Thank you for the information. I get tempted every time I'm with people who use weed as a way to meditate or ground themselves.

  3. I got a cousin that is addicted to weed. If he doesn't smoke weed at least once a week he gets increasingly irritable and aggressive until he smokes weed. I worked in the construction industry for a few years and I never knew a single roofer that did not smoke weed on the job. In fact out of all the guys I worked with I was the only one that did not smoke weed or take prescription opioid painkillers while on the job. I saw many drug deals happen while working in that industry. All that mess makes the rest of the workers look bad when people see that stuff going on.

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