1. I mean he indeed did payed way too much BUT thats still a decent price for the amount he got, here in Germany sometimes u pay 130€ (thats even more in $$) for 10G of strains like GG#4, Super sliver, super lemon etc and im sure that was more than 10G

  2. I’m from Mendocino, took some of my Cookies and a bit of fire og on my trip from my indoor setup gravita de’s blah blah blah “Mendo born bred” well the locals got fucked up I swear I tore up 15 random rastas made some life long friends I go 2-3 times a year now. Smokers hint always take some extra Levi jeans to trade for weed you can get big old turkey bag for new Levi’s!

  3. lmao yo i'm jamaican and i'm telling you those dudes had a great big laugh when you left bro thats 10,000 jamaican dollars for that bag you bought that bag actually costs around 200 jamaican dollars you got hella ripped off sorry

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