Weedmaps to Open the Museum of Weed (WMMW)

Weedmaps, the first and largest cannabis technology company, is proud to announce the Weedmaps Museum of Weed (WMMW), a unique and timely …


  1. You need to help us!!! It has been brought to my attention that I'm not the only one who has been ripped off by the delivery service (Fuego Meds). I called them up and told them I was all about great taste. I asked them for something that was Green, Fresh and Tasty. After all, they are supposed to be professionals. And you advertise/recommend them on your site. Anyhow, I needed 2oz's and a 1/8th for my roommate as I described above. When the driver got here he brought in 2oz's of some brown, dry crap and 1/8 of which was the only thing in the bag that was green. unless you want to count the Green fruit on their sorry ass gift bag edible fruitcake (all though I had told them I didn't do edibles and would rather have another free gram of something tasty along with there 3 free grams of again Brown, Dry Crap. they told me that I couldn't open the sealed bags to taste or smell it or I bought it no matter what. After the driver left my roommate opened her $40.00 1/8th up (the only thing even close to being green and tasty. Now she's mad at me. I called the company up and asked for a refund on the 2 oz's still unopened and was told no they would not refund my money. We wouldn't have even been doing any business if they hadn't lied to me in the first place when I asked for something, Green, Fresh and Tasty that was comparable to Humbolt. I read their reviews and there were 4 or 5 , 1 star that was pissed off asking for there $$$ back with no luck at all and the rest must have been written by someone that works them all 5 stars. Please can't you put some pressure on them to do the right thing or you'll take them off weed maps? We as customers depend on you for reliable and honest information. Thanks for your help, Greg Peters (760) 696-8156

  2. My big worry about weed is that 'they' are going to genetically alter it to do this or that and the NORMAL ordinary NATURAL weed will no longer be available OR even a thing!!! Cut the 'genetic alterations' and use Cannabis as it has been used naturally through millennia!!!!!!!

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