What happened to me? What effects did CBD oil have on my body? I tried HerbStrong CBD oil for 21 days! Watch and find out! …


  1. Kay thanks for the CBD review. I was “wondering” about this stuff. I trust you because your a straight up person. I know that from watching your video’s. I must add though that watching you talking here, that you are so pretty. You look particularly great in this video. Stay as sweet as you are. ☮️&❤️

  2. If anyone is looking for a non-biased/skeptic review of CBD products, here it is. I have ulcerative colitis and it did absolutely nothing for me. I tried two different products each costing well over 50$. If you’re thinking this is a miracle cure save your money.

  3. As a competitive weightlifter, this has helped me immensely!! The first time I tried it, I have never slept better!! Herbstrong is a wonderful company and I LOVE their products! I do as well swear by it for recovery and sleep aid.

  4. Your recommendation is the reason I ordered this product. I have three reasons to look for a benefit. Sleeplessness (just as you described), anxiety and inflammation from a failing ankle (I'm 61 and walked on concrete floors for 36 years). So I've been taking Ambien, Valium and Motrin. Other CBD brands were advertised to cure EVERYTHING with a few drops of their oil including gray hair, bad eyesight and would even make me a better drummer. Other ads were more believable like reports from Dr. Oz and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. So I'm thinking good science mixed with snake oil salesmen. It's all about the money, right? But I trust you. I'll comment again or edit this one. I also am trying Charlotte's Web from CW Help who have a wonderful story of a child that was helped (Charlotte) who almost died from epilepsy. I can drive to a local pharmacy and purchase it. Thanks Kat.

  5. Hey baby, looking pretty as always, nothing new but it never gets old to me ☺️??? that sleeping problem though, let’s talk about it, it’s good to have something that will help with sleep, like that for example ? no need to put your mind in the gutter right now, serious topic but like really because I use to take sleeping medicine if that’s what you want to call it but I had to get use to not taking it because to me it’s only useful for if you have to be the morning type, I know what you mean by the sleepless nights, tossing and turning, etc but mainly because I’m not the type to sleep at night, as you probably know, I’m just the nap type of guy but it’s nothing like a good nights sleep and I hope it’s good for you, the key is to never force yourself to sleep, just let it come, it’ll come, nothing wrong with being in your phone or watching tv til you get to that point, I know I be putting a bed time on us, mainly because I’m thinking of you ya know ? like you might have things to do in the morning, just because I don’t doesn’t mean it’s the same for you, but see if I was with you, this sleeping medicine wouldn’t be needed, that’s why I know we’re a great couple, in order to go to sleep you must be tired, I believe we wouldn’t have a problem with tiring ourselves out, know what I mean? It’s like making up the bed or decorating it ???? ok now you can put your mind in the gutter, get some sleep baby, goodnight, sweet dreams, love you ?

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