What is Decarboxylation? Cannabis Decarbing Explained

Support me on Patreon: The Cannabis plant does not produce THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) directly. Instead, it first …


  1. Actually perfect video for the bowl of gunk bho I been wondering what to do with… its contaminated so ima filter it and use it ALL in brownies… do u happen to know of any other cuttingnagets such as the viamint e acetate that could (potentially) be a contaminant (but I'd rather eat the vit e than smoke it!)

    Shit gets me high but I would say theres def some vitamin e acetate cut from.bm.carts

    Or should I just throw it out? I trust the guy hes old and ignorant so we were buying too carts and as soon as they'd turn brown I think hed empty them into a jar of REAL BHO his son gave him.after a harvest.

    No fucking way dude had 3 full jars of 1/2 empty carts lol full size mason jars!

  2. Why have you never made a video about creating a cartridge from full extract cannabis oil? Does it need to be winterized or decarbed? How much of the terpenes and cannibinoids would be left inside? Would you get more terpenes and cannabinoids by using other bho concentrates like shatter and decarbing and mixing with terpenes like you do in your other videos?

  3. This guy is the wizard of pot knowledge. I have watched a few of his videos now and learn something every single time. It’s great not a lot of extra talk straight to the point Bam!

  4. I recently made eatables for the first time using that graph. Thanks for clearing up it's context for me. Good to know I'm not going to ruin my bud from leaving it in too long.

  5. Many blessing on you sir ,many thanks for this.hippys back in the day in the 60's were making cookies and brownies and all with decarb herb and they was stoned on it ,yes they for got and left some in a bit too long and they still used it and it worked ,,,ya dont have to buy no 300 dollor something to decarb all ya got to do is stick it in the oven for bout 45 to 1 hour and you good to go .

  6. u got pro tips. should i decarb if i only smoke buds from a bong ? i mean, whats the advantage or is there any when compared to non-decarbed bud ? would i get more high out of the same amount of same weed when smoked if that weed was decarbed?

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