Which Supplements are Best for Your Brain Type? with Dr. Parris Kidd – TBWWP with Dr. Daniel Amen

This episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast features information, tips, and how to’s on vitamins, supplements, and nutrition. Dr. Parris Kidd is the Chief …


  1. Not everyone can afford imaging like myself. It’s going on 10 years with treatment resistant major depressive disorder. It has left me unable to
    Work steady enough to have the financial means to have the life I had prior. . I had no choice to sell off everything I worked hard for just to cover expenses of living. That covered me for a couple years and now have to accept help from family . A family that doesn’t have financial prosperity.

  2. I've heard that taking Calcium with other supplements can limit absorption of some other supplements. Is that true? Should Calcium be taken separately? Is there a difference with Calcium Citrate vs. Calcium Carbonate when combined with other supplements?

  3. Well, I Just looked at their product called brain curcumins. It has fillers that will cause me to get sick. People just because the person selling their own supplements doesn't make it to be an excellent product. Buyer beware!!

  4. The supplements are so expensive. Some of us don't make much money, despite a college degree. Wish the insurance co would cover. I paid $10 a month for generic Zoloft, and I'm wondering if it's just better to go back to that.

  5. I notice that when I take Concerta, I become depressed after a couple weeks. What do you think would be a good supplement to counteract that? I need some ideas to take to my doctor.

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