Why cryptocurrency is loved by oppressive rulers

Freedom. Democracy. Equality. That’s the promise of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology was built to decentralize governments and the power of financial …


  1. you apologize for my bad english, so Hello, good afternoon I am very interested in your articles and I would like to know if you have thought about taking out a Spanish version of your articles and interviews. thank you very much…

  2. Doesn't CCP control Bitcoin? Now they are using blockchain to further block their people into their own system and wipe out all their money, CCP is the evilest authoritarian triad who are 1000 times worse than Nazi.

  3. I think this is an awful video:

    Why do this video call any country that don 't following America 's order "regime", and therefore "oppressive"?

    Think about it, it is American dollar which has this outsize role it has in international affairs, and it is America that acts like a bully in international affairs dictating sovereign leaders under the threat of economic sanctions. THIS IS NOT FAIR and THIS IS NOT democratic! There is no democracy when it comes to community of nations. There is America making orders to other nations, and if some nations don 't toe the line, they are call "regime", and is either bombed, or economically sanctioned.

  4. Hooray for cypto – It offers global freedom from the bullying sanctions of the USA.
    – Yes, agreed, within the US there is quite good democracy (or perhaps plutocracy), but in the GLOBAL scene , the US looks like a bully dictatorship
    – Crippling sanctions against Venezuela, Russia, Iran. (Note, they are 'oil countries' and the US is the world's biggest crude oil glutton user.)
    – The US forces (militarily and politically) other countries to use the US dollar for oil trade, so as to control who gets oil and who doesn't, and force the US dollar unfairly high.
    – The US 'undemocratically' snubs global efforts to control climate change, and is the world's crude oil glutton, including the occupation of Iraq.
    – Hundreds of global authoritarian US military bases that threaten all other countries either directly or indirectly.
    – Truth tellers like Assange and Snowden fearing for their lives in exile. US so very democratic? Really??

  5. This would be a better video if it didn’t support the US blockade with unsustained claims. The US blockade is an attempt to dissuade Venezuela from selling their oil in currencies other than US petrodollars. Please acknowledge this FACT.

  6. Hi, I'm living in Venezuela (I've been living here the 22 years of my life). And we don't use Petro. It's bullshit. Also, you should explain the DRUG CARTEL that Maduro and his gang have, main reason why many countries don't want to have relations with us, including USA.

  7. American state owned energy companies want total global energy dominance a d monoplosation.
    You are deemed authorized if you want to be free from USA
    But the most oppressive regime Saudia Arabia is protected by Usa

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