1. ?never funna stop smoking what did YoungBoy say “smoking drugs cuz I need it so I won’t be come dangerous when u see me” y’all can’t control ya self?

  2. Ive been smoking since college. Started when I was almost 19. Im 28 and I’m 2 days sober. I asked Jesus to help me quit because I am weak and insignificant and powerless. The next day I smoked my usual 4 bong hits, then the next day 3, 2, 3, 1 and now none.. second day but seeing this video lets me remember that every time i smoked i felt guilty. Im in love with a woman and i want ro be myself to treat her right and hopefully make her my wife but if that doesnt happen… shit at least i’ll be free from the devil

  3. Dude, I'm going through something similar right now. I just feel so lost right now in my life. Someone approached me with God's message multiple times and I completely ignored it. I regret it rn because I feel so alone and lost. I'm losing my motivation day by day. Thanks for posting this video it gives me some hope.

  4. When you get high it makes you avoid your problems instead of facing them. When you know Jesus and he fills you with his spirit and power, it gives the strength to overcome everthing. That why i quit smoking weed 5 yrs ago. Theres a better substance and its called being filled with Gods spirit #salute

  5. My turning point was similar. There was this Halloween party at my school and my bestfriend insisted me to go. I remember I was so hyped to go but I felt something in me that told me to not go. That day I heard God speaking through me by genuinely guiding me that day. I remembered that the party was at the same time that church service started. When I was going to change, instead of putting my casual clothes, I put on a white dress shirt, jeans, and some cherry air Jordan retro 14's (It was my first time trying to dress formally). God told me to go to church and I did. I remember sitting in the last row. I just sat down and prayed that whole service (it was a prayer type service). I felt God emptying me from all my sin and filling me with his love. I'm grateful for that, and I hope more people open their hearts to Christ when he's knocking on it. Don't be afraid to change. It's for the better of yourself and others.

  6. I smoked weed every day all the time so much to where I couldn't get high enough to deaden my problems anymore so I added pills and other drugs. My poor mother had to see me detox Everytime I would run out of pills and weed … I became violent and a jerk drunk high and on pills … Every weekend I would say I wanted to quit after the horrible Hangovers. Then came the major hallucinations from the xanex not working anymore. The final year or so prior to going to the detox I started church and searching God. I found myself in a detox where I almost died. I left the detox with 160 heart rate high blood pressure and hallucinating … Still smoking weed trying to get through the withdrawal from my next step drugs .. horrible horrible … Worse thing. In the detox facility I read almost the whole new testamemt. I started praying with and over the others in the detox .after I left I found a Dr to help me slowly wean from the pills and got off the weed also … Because I found out I was pregnant. About a month later. This baby was my saving grace. God did deliver me from that horrible life that was almost like an acid trip that went horribly wrong but it was actually going to be permanent if I didn't quit the drugs… I do thank God and today I am delivered from a really bad neighborhood in a trailer park to a white picket fence home and a beautiful life with all I need and now I have two kids never once touched drugs or alcohol. Six years almost. I'm very sad my mom had to see me in that type of life for so long. I am thankful she seen me get sober before she died a little over a year ago while I was pregnant with my second.i regret every single thing I did and made my mom experience every single word and every moment not spent with her. weed will destroy you. all u do is chase weed like it's a bag of crack(don't lie your addicted if your smoking ) … I've had some crazy challenges and horrible heartbreak since I've got sober but I can't imagine where I'd be after my mom dying if I weren't sober. Sadly to say my two sisters are opiate addicts and they have delve into a rabbithold so far down only God can save them now. You have to turn to God and ask him though … They aren't doing that so let's pray for them m..I don't want to lose my sister's

  7. Thanks Montell! It’s really amazing what you are doing. I used to smoke too and it’s kinda hard to quit, but then you realize that it’s not what you’re really looking for. Thank you for being honest about this and being an inspiration to the youth. Nothing is impossible to God!!! God bless you.

  8. Also, someone once said they liked me better when I was a rebel and wild and crazy. They thought i was more myself. I thought I was a rebel, until I realized, I am more of a rebel following God. Before, I was just like everyone else following the fads and smoking and drinking and truly just acting foolish. I am so thankful for Gods wisdom and I just want to become more like Him. The ways of this world are so foolish, its plain to see now. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! For giving me eyes to see all that.

  9. Nothing fills, nothing satisfies like Jesus. Not weed, not food, not sex, not relationships, not exercise, not alcohol, not success, not shopping (the high of getting new things), nothing but Jesus can satisfy. Everything else is temporary bliss. Before God my cup might have been half full, or half empty depending on the day or the moment. With God, my cup overflows. Thank you Jesus for rescuing me out of that darkness and bringing me into the truth and the light. Thank you for sharing your videos. For me, for the longest time being a follower of Jesus seemed like a bunch of "rules" I had to follow. God showed me, it wasn't about the rules. He's a good father, so its like a father saying "don't touch the stove, it will burn you". Everything He tells us not to do, is for our good. Even to "follow the laws of the land".

  10. I am AKA Apostle Paul, I saw your notifications last night and I couldn't wait to get up this morning right now it is 6:20 a.m. in Memphis Tennessee, I couldn't wait to read or listen to what you had to say this morning about you not smoking weed anymore your story is inspiring and it reminds me of myself when I motivate teenagers and young adults the reason this is so powerful because you are 20 years old and I am in my mid-30s!! ? the nickname Apostle Paul come from the way I have to break the gospel down so they gang members active gang members can understand it! May God continue to bless you and your Ministry???

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