Why I stopped smoking weed life changing AFFF- Weed addiction is REALLL

I stopped smoking weed and it’s been life changing. I haven’t smoked since new years eve 2018 and it was because I was kinda addicted to weed. I smoked way …


  1. Girl … I plan on making a video about this too. I realized that I’m literally only positive when I’m high. I’m like yo , I gotta stop this. I should find my “happy place” without it. A guy I briefly dated was def “high on life” and I want to be that way too. Great choice , sis ! It’s been 1 month for me. I may consider it when I hit the studio though but , I’m unsure.

  2. Damn exactly the same shit with me fuck, i used to be so muscular and after smoking trough years you loose so much weight and appetite and become sad forever almost, wtf this has to end i nevet used to be sad, but after getting addicted to this devilish shit everything in my life staryed to get fuckim sad

  3. you’re extremely funny. like a genuine humor. I resonate with your vibe. I also relate to the having to let go of bud because it’s just too convenient to do all of the time. I’m on the rollercoaster right now but thanks for the clarity.

  4. Hey Goddess…Every time you upload you speak to something within me or you confirm something which I have been thinking. I have been smoking weed regularly for over half my life.Initially, I was what they call a "functioning stoner", but as you said, it became a slippery slope and it has just become something I do to aid with my depression and anxiety.However, recently, even though I never have before, I have seriously been thinking of stopping. I have tried on a few occasions but failed after a maximum of 48 hours. I couldn't eat, sleep, which left me feeling miserable, so I broke and gave in. But you definitely gave me the inspiration I need to try for the final time. I'm smoking right now, and it coincidentally is my last joint, and I am not going to buy anymore after I finish this…Would you mind helping me? I don't have the support around me and feel I don't have the willpower on my own. Either way, please send me the positive energy I need. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Love and light my Sister.

  5. Ase, I've been struggling with getting past the guilt of it something if that too is a sign to let it go… then I'll be crocheting my hair watching a movie and think a hit would be fun. .. thaaaaaank you for sharing

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