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  1. do you use THC or THCa, THC has helped me live me life, CBD is great to but no substitute for THC although they work amazing in conjunction for some people and issues, however THC is extremely important and not to be so feared, it has very strong medicinal properties so much so that it is the reason that patients have even been able to control and even stop severe seizures.
    The reason being is it is thought to be the only cannabinoid capable of actually crossing our blood brain barrier which is a crucial point.
    Phytocannabinoids and terpenes are very special and synergize very well with humans, over a short time hopefully we will understand our endocannabinoid system much better as well as its possible deficiencies.
    Also remember the plant produces THCa (NOT THC) which is not psychoactive, and only recently is it being understood how incredibly important this more natural compound actually is, again having immense medicinal properties. THCa only converts to THC after heated.
    At room temp even after years THCa will not convert to THC, however every day you can note a loss of terpenes at room temp which in turn degrades the flower more so if it was terpene rich to start. (put cannabis sealed in the fridge and at least in a dark cool place, properly dried and then sealed) also to note over time at room temp THCa will convert to CBNa
    All the many terpenes and their ratios are the characteristics between the different strains/cultivars, some terpene ratios will induce hunger, some will make you alert, some will calm the mind, some will make the mind racy, some will make you euphoric, some will make you tired, for example THC isolate doesn't even have many of the effects associated with it. THC by itself is incredibly boring for recreational user for example, but terpenes is really what makes good cannabis, terpenes are also essential to healing and the medical effect cannabis provides with its amazing entourage effect and synergy it has with the cannabinoids..

  2. Thank you ?? sooooooo much for your channel!! Hearing another British woman talking about it all is amazing I’ve just started taking it to help with my nerve damage, sciatica & depression & I’m feeling good so far!
    I was smoking cannabis before which really helped with the pain but I don’t want the high as I can’t function properly lol too chilled!
    But this is seeming to help so far ????

  3. You seem so lovely. I have really bad social anxiety and I am struggling with take my kids to school every morning and having to chat with the parents. I don't want to go down the road of prescription drugs but am struggling so hard I am thinking about it alot as I'm just not coping. Will CBD oil have a similar affect and what is the best product for me to buy, I'm in the UK.

  4. I have bought 20% cbd resin. I have started using it on thursday, so today it will be my third day of taking it, once at night for the first week. Before that I took celebrex for my arthritis and nolpazo for my stomack. I have decided not to take them anymore, now that I'm taking cbd. I know it's only my third day of taking it but my joints are not getting better, they are actually getting worse :/ is that normal? Some kind of "feeling worse, before feeling better"? I'm really worried.
    I'm sorry for my English.

  5. Hi Rachael you are really cool. "Edited" because I first spelled your name wrong and then noticed that after I had already made the comment…. and who likes to see their name spelled wrong? So I changed it! I am being goofy at the moment. Have a great day! God Loves you!!!

  6. You mean it won't make me a better person? (Throws bottle). ?. Jk.
    Hey. Do you know if certain doses or types are better for sleep? I've found that higher caliber doses or tinctures, when taken too late in the afternoon seem to adversely effect sleep…Experience or advice? I wish the THC version was available in Texas. ?

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