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  1. Thank Dr. Angie. Bogie, my Old English Bulldog is currently taking your Forte. He's been taking it for almost a week now (as of this posting). I have seen improvements regarding his arthritic pain anxiety where he's more relaxed and appears to be in less pain. I don't see the red flag signs of pain like excessive drooling, shaking, uneasiness etc. If the Forte helped this quick, I can only imagine what 4 weeks or more using it will do. I also give him a really warm Epsom salt leg and feet soak in the tub every other night and that really hits the spot. It actually keeps any "Frito feet" at bay too. His allergies we have under control with his diet and some added (non-prescription) supplements for his immune and hormonal balance. I was giving him a bone and joint supplement from Mercola that hasn't shown any effects in over 8 weeks. Once we changed his diet to a semi-raw kibble 8 mos ago, his digestive process completely changed for the good. We are also weaning him off the Apoquel that was given to help overall seasonal allergies (no hot spots or skin issues) and yeasty feet. Bogie has been taking his immune and hormonal balance for over 10 weeks and we see major improvements. I recently have purchased a new bone and joint holistic powder mixture that the creator mixes herself and swears by it. She also mixed up a liquid concoction for his yeast feet if it flares up again. Many of her users claim they've had very successful results using her bone and joint arthritis blend. The key ingredients I notice right off hand are the Tumeric and glucosamine and numerous other plant and herb substances that a dog's digestive system can process and actually use.

    I'll keep you posted on how Bogie's progress is going using the Forte. He's taking 5 drops in the AM and 5 drops in the PM before he retires at night.
    Thanks again for the response here and the Forte you have available for the consumer.

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