Will Man Who Lost Million-Dollar Nest Egg Apologize To Ex-Wife? See What Happens After The Taping

See what happens after a man learns he’s been scammed by his “online girlfriends,” and his ex-wife pleads with him to stop sending them money. Dr. Phil uses …


  1. Okay so here's a thought on how his ex wife can get some money from him: I think she should find a beautiful woman's photo and reach out to her bonehead ex husband and give him a cockamamie story about how she's lost in the mountains of let's say Alaska and she needs 8,000.00 for a helicopter to get her out. Then she can say the helicopter accidentally took her to Mexico and now she is being held by the cartels so she needs another 10 grand so they won't kill her. The ex wife can use her creative skills with stories till she retires and still get money while doing it. It's a win win! Haha! Jk. I feel very sad about her situation and that old man is gonna get what he deserves for treating her so badly.

  2. This dude brings a whole new meaning to "clueless"! If it weren't for the damage he's inflicted on his ex- wife, his delusional behavior & pathological naivete would be almost comical. His ignorance & his arrogance, along with a warped sense that he has something to offer anybody – he doesn't – has left him a laughingstock. What an obtuse dumbass …

  3. Is there a way we can help donate to this womans future? I'd hate if something like that had happened to my grandmother and would love to help her out so she doesn't have to keep working until she literally can't walk around anymore…..

  4. I've never said this to anyone but I hope that clown will remain homeless and destitute for the rest of his days. He doesn't deserve comfort for what he has done to people in the hopes of getting a pretty, young thing.

  5. He never apologized. Sadly his ex wifes heart has been broken again. She cares for him and trying to safe his from himself. He wants to be needed even if scamed. A male.ego things of an old fool is the biggest fool.

  6. actually feel sad for that lady dr.phil better set her up with some loot… I see him help people who don't deserve help and probably don't follow through this lady did nothing wrong and now her life will be a struggle

  7. Im Just crying. I feel so so horrible for this sweet sweet woman!. He whas very manipulative all his live twrads her. She deserves mu h better. I hoel she will be ok

  8. This guy was a college professor –
    Why am I not surprised
    Some of these so-called “academics” live their entire lives inside the bubble of college life – I truly think some of these people regress emotionally and live their lives with the mindset of a 20 year old
    – they know everything
    – they are never wrong, or, if proven wrong with facts, they will chalk it up to a “misunderstanding” or attempt to twist the truth so the other person is somehow at fault
    – they are so used to having their rear ends kissed by college kids and when people outside the academic bubble are not dazzled by their sheer brilliance, there must be something wrong with the other person.

    In a nutshell – a narcissist
    I would guess that 75% of all college professors have some sort of narcissistic personality disorder

    The arrogance for that guy to think some beautiful 25 year old rich girl is going to want a 70+ year old destitute man is really unbelievable.

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