WTF are TERP PEARLS !? Dabbing with Ruby Terp Pearls

In this video I took a some dabs and explained what Ruby Terp Pearls are. These are designed to Increase the surface area for your dab while also helping …


  1. @Potporn Can you plz make a video where you get pretty much like pure thc dabs, and then put essential oils in the bong water. So like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, teatree, rosemary, parsley, mugwort, thyme, sage, ect… to see if the essential oils will add a kinda extra buzz to the high. I recently got a cold and I have mild asthma so it was hard to breathe, and I got some Guru Nandas "Breath easy" mix of essential oils and dripped 3 drops on a hospital mask every 30 min when it would be drying out, and I was also on Claritin, but anyways after about 4ish hours I was kinda seeing some mild CEVs and it was pretty interesting. I have a test coming up so I can't smoke for a month, but otherwise I would try it myself, a while ago I tried dripping it on some bud and smoking it through my steam roller and it was good and kinda made the high a little bit more energetic but it was super harsh burning and going through the pipe

  2. Also, terp pearls don't give you a hotter dab that sacrifices flavor. The whole point of terp pearls is to allow you a lower temp dab without sacrificing the product or the flavor. It makes it more flavorful because you will be closer to the ideal dab temp.

    Opposite of what you said.

  3. The issue with using alcohol or any cleaning solution while the pearls are hot is that they will cause them to break. It's not a matter of losing them or just getting more, it's a potential health hazard. You don't know what will "leak out" or if a small shard is left behind and is inhaled. It's not safe at all.

  4. Good video. Doesn't seem like there's many good informal videos on them. Question, what's the different between heating for 30 seconds and cooling for 45 opposed to heating for 60 and cooling for 90? I'm fairly new at dabbing so I'm not sure what the difference is.

  5. Way ahead of you for once on these ones lol got mine from Clout afew days ago and they are worth it 100%…. def helps keep your dabs down to 2-3 instead of 6-7 stay blessed fam!!!!

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