Your Legislators: Right to Repair (February 13, 2020)

Sen. Roger Chamberlain, Sen. John Hoffman, Rep. Paul Marquart and Rep. Tony Jurgens define what “right to repair” is and how legislation around it should, …


  1. I love how he claims people can go get certified by the manufacturer and get access to parts, tools, and schematics when that is absolutely NOT true. Getting certified as Apple Authorized Repair actually TAKES AWAY your ability to do board repair, gets you no ability to stock parts (including batteries and screens) and therefore is worse than NOT getting certified. These guys are such a joke!

  2. Those people are all bought ….let’s be honest schematics for electronics can be reversed engineered without much problem anyway. Somewhere in China this happens every day, and people that actually repair your phone often use these shematics that come from such sources. And in contrast to those certified shops they actually do repair and not just replace. These senators have the lobbyist obviously up their asses and that is why they bring up such flatulent bogus. I really hope one day those senators will buy a plane for millions of dollars and when it breaks the company will tell them sorry your jet can not be repaired by your technician you will need to fly it to a certified repair shop where we will replace it with a new one that you have to pay for, That’s the level of stupidity those people are buying into.

  3. The vast majority of repairs would not require any sensitive IP to be divulged. Very few companies are designing circuits whose schematics have legitimately important IP. Some of the chips themselves from controllers to cpus, gpus etc, do hold important IP, but they cannot be repaired in the first place and are irrelevant here.

    Virtually no mid to high level schematic will have been patented, as most of this technology is incredibly old by now.

    Besides the point of IP, you don't even necessarily need the schematics to be released! Being able to perform these repairs is valuable and important enough that people will do them even if just the parts are available. Making the parts available for purchase doesn't effect IP in any way!

    These arguments look difficult to fight against on their face, but with any more than a surface level understanding of the issue they are easily cast aside.

  4. Screens and batteries are not intellectual property. Schematics are essentially circuit diagrams. There is nothing special about it.

    Just because these politicians are rich and can afford to get new electronics every year, doesn't mean that families have to spend thousands of dollars over time to repair their devices when an independent repair shop can repair it by replacing a chip or a bent pin for one fifth the cost.

  5. What a bunch of typical politicians. How much money did those lobbyist slide in thier pocket? I would like to have been a fly in that room. I bet one of them is driving a new Mercedes-Benz next week.

  6. Senator chaimberlan does not get it he is the typical republican Politician who only supports BIG "businesses"and MONEY. right to repair is not about stealing intellectual property it is about having those schematics so repairs can be made to electronic equipment at a "reasonable" price and to stop big businesses from monopolizing repairs and charging outrageous prices to consumers and lying to customers also big business will make deals so other businesses so to lock repair companies out of the ability to purchase parts to make effective repairs so they can hold a monopoly on those repairs and Overcharge consumers outrageous prices

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