Zach Bush Glyphosate and Disease, Regenerative Farming, Autoimmune Disease, Leaky Gut (2019)

Zach Bush MD around the impacts of the chronic disease epidemic, factors that are contributing to these issues and the extinction of humans. We then discuss …


  1. What a brilliant mind !
    Australia needs to take note of what Dr Bush says -or you'll be getting as sick as those of us in N.America -THANKS LARGELY TO GLYPHOSATE (ROUND UP) AND LOSING YOUR ARABLE SOIL unless regenerative farming is begun fast to replace row cropping ,soil loss ,GMOs/glyphosate(and other chems) . I see it happening here during the years of my medical practice . JG .MD

  2. Absolutely loved that interview!
    Made so much sense & was really so relevant to my life & all the issues I’ve been through & slowly trying to correct!
    Thank you Kriben for your dedication & passion in this field! God Bless!

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